Laura Nuss

Co-Founder and Director of Administration
Denver Recovery Center

Laura brings several years of experience in the drug and alcohol treatment industry to the organization. Laura has a passion for empowering others and ensuring that all levels of operations run as smooth as possible.

Laura began her career in 2011 at a residential treatment program. As a member of their management team, she oversaw the financials, helped with state licensure, maintained vendor accounts, and helped with HR and billing functions. In 2014 Laura helped found a reputable Scottsdale, Arizona based treatment center. Because of her experience Laura has a strong working knowledge of the unique components that it takes to have a successful treatment center including, Joint Commission, policies and procedures and Insurance billing. Laura studied psychology and business management at Northern Arizona University. Originally from Connecticut, Laura relocated to Arizona to pursue her own journey of recovery which is where her passion for helping others comes from.

Jason Bordonaro

Co-Founder and Executive Director
Denver Recovery Center

Jason knows recovery from addiction entails much more than abstaining from substances and alcohol. Recovery is a process of self-discovery, embracing a new way of life, and joining the thriving community of people devoted to sobriety and healthy living.

After 8 years of service in the treatment field and 15 years of personal recovery, Jason and partners Tim Lambright, Laura Nuss and Tyler Tisdale founded Denver Recovery Center, eager to share their experiences and continue helping others experience the joy of sobriety.

As an active member of the 12-Step community, Jason’s commitment to emotional and spiritual growth is an inspiration for all those around him. He believes healing both body and mind are paramount to lasting recovery and carries these ideals into his own life. He is passionate about living life to the fullest and enjoys camping, hiking, yoga, traveling, listening to live music, and spending time with his loving family and his dog, Charlie.

Mark Oberg, LPC, LAC

Clinical Director
Denver Recovery Center

Mark Oberg is the Clinical Director at Denver Recovery Center and has worked with clients over the course of the last 10 years to make significant changes in their lives. He works with clients to develop an understanding of how the patterns that they have developed over the course of their life are contributing to their suffering, and how they may begin to take action to shift those patterns.

Mark offers clients the view that, while there is pain and suffering in life, it need not be an enemy to be avoided at all costs. In recovery, it is possible to accept that suffering in all of its, often times excruciating, forms is workable through genuine connection to community as well as our self. Together, by developing a greater awareness of the patterns that we have developed throughout our lives, and taking action to live our recovery, we have the opportunity to live life in the present moment; no longer paralyzed by the disappointments of the past or obsessed with some idealized future.

In his personal time, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and son exploring various hiking trails, hot springs, and camping sites all over the Western United States. He is also an avid baseball and football fan, specifically spending too much time obsessing over the Minnesota Twins and Vikings.

Mark graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences – Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and a master’s Degree in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.

Sarah Banfield

Director of Operations
Denver Recovery Center

Having been involved in the recovery community for five years, Sarah Banfield is Denver Recovery Center’s Director of Operations.

As Director of Operations, Sarah works hand in hand with both the clinical staff and housing staff to bring together practical life experience while in a therapeutic setting. Due to her extensive knowledge and experience in this field, Sarah is able to observe all of the functioning components at Denver Recovery Center and in her best effort to bring them all together creating an ever-evolving program.

Sarah oversees the facility, housing, and transportation departments on a day-to-day basis. She is responsible for managing the support staff at Denver Recovery Center which includes: Transportation & Housing Manager, Drivers and Facility Maintenance Personnel. Sarah ensures that our facility, housing, transportation needs are met and that our facility remains in compliance with state and regulatory agencies.

During Sarah’s time away from Denver Recovery Center, she enjoys traveling and being active in the mountains of Colorado with her dog, practicing yoga, and being actively involved in the recovery community.