Welcome to Denver Recovery Center! We know that addiction treatment is much easier when you can do it in a comfortable, welcoming space. We designed our Denver rehabilitation center to provide our clients with a place where they can relax and rejuvenate while they begin their recovery journey. Discover more about us and check out some photos of our facility below.

Our Denver Rehabilitation Center

Located in scenic Colorado, our Denver rehabilitation center offers all the beauty of nature. However, we also provide top-notch amenities that are so critical to recovery. Some of our client rooms even include fireplaces with private bathrooms. The sweeping staircase leads from these rooms downstairs, where individuals can take advantage of a large, modern kitchen. Learning life skills such as cooking and cleaning is important for getting back to daily life. In addition, every client has the option to play pool and enjoy hobbies in their downtime. Our facility is also close to mountains, lakes, and rivers, making it the ideal place for experiential therapies, including hiking and white water rafting.

Get Treatment in Comfort

In addition to our comfortable residential area, we also provide cozy spaces for treatment, taking the clinical feel away from rehab. Being able to feel at home in a space makes it easier to focus on both group and individual therapies. This type of therapy can range anywhere from cognitive behavioral therapy to dual diagnosis treatment. Whatever types of therapies work best for our clients, they’ll benefit from them the most when they’re able to enjoy their surroundings more fully, in a home-like environment.

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If you’re ready to begin your treatment journey, do so in a place where you can focus fully on your sobriety. Call 844-842-9820 to learn more about our Denver rehabilitation center today

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