what is holistic approach to rehab?

What is Holistic Approach to Rehab?

When you’re looking to get help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to know various treatment methods. In fact, addiction is an extremely powerful disease, and sometimes medications for your addiction isn’t the best route. Therefore, it’s important to learn more about how a holistic treatment method can help you recover. You’re…

physical dependence and addiction

Physical Dependence and Addiction

Have you ever wondered if there are differences between dependence and addiction? Learning to tell these two apart is an important part of understanding substance abuse. For example, the following material will talk about physical dependence and addiction in more detail. Understanding Physical Dependence As a person continues using an addictive substance over a long…

spirituality in recovery

Spirituality in Recovery

We live in a time where more and more people in America are distancing themselves from religion. While religion is based on a personal choice, some people confuse spirituality with religion. When speaking of spirituality in recovery, it’s important to understand the difference. While religion does contain spirituality, one doesn’t need to be religious to…

A baggie of white powders that is surely one of the signs of cocaine abuse

4 Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Using cocaine may start as a seemingly harmless experiment, but this substance is a highly addictive drug. A lax attitude towards this drug can quickly turn into signs of cocaine abuse that have potentially life-threatening consequences. Once this happens, innocent experimentation devastates a person’s personal, professional and financial life. Danger Signs of Cocaine Abuse Cocaine…

A teenage girl smoking a cigarette is an example of teen substance abuse

Preventing Teen Substance Abuse

Problematic patterns of substance use among teenagers can lead to many interruptions. They may face problems with school performance. Some teenagers develop mental and physical health-related issues. Others begin having poor relationships with family and peers. Teen substance abuse can eventually lead to lifelong issues of dependence, chronic health conditions, and negative financial consequences. Preventing…

A man with his arms crossed smiles into the camera because he is glad he took advantage of the addiction treatment denver offers

What Does Addiction Treatment Denver Have to Offer?

Addiction is a debilitating disease. Some addictions, such as heroin addiction, can even be deadly. Hopes of controlling addiction without professional help isn’t promising for the individual or the people who love them. However, with the addiction treatment Denver offers, these individuals can begin to recover. Some people may hesitate in getting help for fear…