Addiction is a cunning disease. It changes the way that the brain works and convinces people that they can’t live without their drug of choice. In order to begin the recovery process, individuals need to work through a variety of addiction therapy services. At Denver Recovery Center, we offer therapy that helps people achieve and maintain recovery.


Why Addiction Therapy Services are Essential to Recovery

If addiction was as simple as just quitting drugs and being able to stay clean forever, the recovery process would end in detox. Unfortunately, addictive substances hijack the brain, making it feel impossible to live day-to-day without drugs or alcohol.

Evidence-based and holistic therapies heal the brain. In addition, they set people up for long-term success. One of the most important things that our clients discover in therapy is their “why.” Why did they turn to drugs in the first place? What underlying situation caused them to believe that the only way to be happy and feel normal was to use mind-altering substances? Understanding the answers to these questions helps people truly begin to live a new life.

Family Therapy

Addiction doesn’t just take a toll on the person who’s abusing drugs or alcohol. Many times, it also takes a toll on close friends and family. During family therapy, you can begin to mend broken relationships.

A therapist will facilitate conversations around addiction and family dynamics so all parties can begin healing. It’s important to remember that your family is often your most supportive safety net when you’re in early recovery. A strong foundation of trust and understanding with the people you love will help you maintain your sobriety.


Group Therapy

While individual therapy is often the bedrock of addiction treatment, group therapy is also vital to recovery. Hearing stories from your peers about their addictions and recovery process can help you understand that you’re not alone. Oftentimes, people with addictions will isolate themselves because they feel like no one gets what they’re going through. Group therapy aids in dispelling this myth.


Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you’ll begin to understand more about yourself and your behaviors. This is where most of the hard work of treatment takes place. You may have to dig down deep to discover why you turned to drugs and alcohol. Sometimes this means facing a history of trauma — something you may have spent years putting off. While the process generally isn’t simple, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Your therapist will work with you on techniques to change your behaviors and thought patterns as well. During your sessions, you’ll develop a close relationship with your therapist as he or she lends an objective ear and point of view.


Outdoor Therapy

Since we’re located in Denver, Colorado, we have the luxury of providing beneficial outdoor therapy. Through activities like hiking or whitewater rafting, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of fresh air. In addition, you may find that being in the great outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world is a great relapse prevention strategy. You’ll be able to take this knowledge with you as you strengthen your recovery.


Begin The Healing Process at Denver Recovery Center

If you’re ready to begin a life of fulfillment in sobriety, Denver Recovery Center in Denver, Colorado is here to help. We offer addiction therapy services to get you started on your personal road to recovery. Regardless of which addiction treatment program you choose, you’ll receive the therapy services that you need. Our programs include: