Drug and alcohol addiction often hurts more than just the person with a substance abuse problem. Family and friends get caught in the crosshairs of this disease, as well. Mending familial relationships is a crucial part of achieving and maintaining recovery. Discover how family therapy can aid in your long-term sobriety.

Why Family Therapy is Necessary

When you get clean and sober, your biggest supporters are often your family. Years of addiction can put strain on these important relationships, unfortunately. The need to use drugs may lead to stealing and lying, causing your family to no longer trust you.

Through family therapy, you’ll be able to strengthen these family ties again. This is important because you’re going to need all the support that you can get in your early months of sobriety. Moreover, having loving connections can make it easier to avoid relapse in the long run.


How Family Therapy Works

In order for this type of therapy to be successful, each family member has to commit to the process. You’ll work directly with a therapist who will get to know the family dynamic. He or she will discover how all the individuals relate to each other in order to choose a treatment that works.

You’ll attend sessions with your family members to discuss issues that have resulted from your drug or alcohol use. Additionally, the therapist may dive deeper to discover old hurts and begin to mend them. Your therapist also will help your family do the following:

  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Understand what addiction is and how it works
  • Foster empathy
  • Teach problem-solving techniques

The main goals of family therapy are to help family members understand each other and treat each other with respect. Once you’re able to do this, leaning on your family for support in recovery becomes much easier.


Therapy Options at Denver Recovery Center

The foundation of recovery is expertly delivered therapy. At Denver Recovery Center, we offer a wide variety of therapy options so you’ll receive the right treatment for you. Our clinicians are empathetic and knowledgeable, providing you and your family the support you need to begin healing. In addition to family therapy, we offer:

Choosing the right program for your therapy time is also crucial. We know that gender-specific programs are important for recovery, so we offer a specific men’s rehab program and women’s rehab program. Either of these may be inpatient or outpatient programs, as well.

Don’t let addiction continue to
weaken your family ties.

Don’t let addiction continue to weaken your family ties. Seek out addiction treatment today to begin making amends. Call Denver Recovery Center at (844) 307-2955. We’ll help you get started.