Drug addiction damages your life in many ways. The addiction treatment you choose is important. You need treatment that not only targets your physical addiction, but also your spiritual and emotional well being. Holistic therapy provides the benefits of complete mind and body wellness in recovery.

What is holistic drug treatment?

meditating woman practices holistic therapyHolistic treatment includes a variety of methods that address your spiritual, mental and physical needs. The focus for this type of rehab program includes natural treatments. These eliminate or reduce prescription medication whenever possible.

Holistic rehab also gives you the chance to reconnect with the world, rebuilding your spirit. These programs usually take place on secluded acreage, in wooded areas or near mountains. The natural setting plays a big role in finding healing when coming out of your active addiction.

What does holistic therapy include?

The holistic approach combines nature-based methods with traditional addiction treatment. You still work through individual counseling, group therapy sessions, family therapy and other evidence-based methods. The holistic side of your treatment rounds out the approach of mental, physical and spiritual healing for complete wellness.

The Mental Approach

You began your substance abuse for a reason. Most people who abuse drugs and alcohol seek a means to cope with their problems.

Evidence-based therapy focuses on discovering why you turned to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Then, holistic therapy gives you new, healthy means of coping with your past and present triggers.

Group holistic therapy provides a place for you to practice skills you learn in treatment. These include problem-solving, positive communication and active listening. Among peers in recovery, you also gain hands-on experience in making decisions, sticking to those decisions and coping with problems. This group therapy plays a major role in your recovery strength.

The Spiritual Approach

Counseling and physical wellness alone don’t bring lasting recovery. You also need healing of your spirit. This part of you fuels your emotions and motivates your future. Treating your spiritual self holds as much importance as treating your mind and body.
Holistic therapy such as acupuncture helps with depression, stress, and anxiety. Meditation helps with calming yourself and ensuring your reactions to life situations and other people provide balance, rather than fueling drama or stress. Spiritual instruction, yoga, and other methods also provide healing of your spirit at the same time. You gain focus on the future you want and inner strength to achieve goals.

The Physical Approach

Holistic approaches to addiction recovery provide overall wellness, including physical fitness and good health. Through methods such as nutritional education, massage, outdoor activities, healthy eating, and exercise you balance your lifestyle. You also reconnect with your physical body and its importance in your life.

Being physically healthy encourages mental and spiritual health. The reverse is also true, with good mental and spiritual health fueling your interest in being physically well.
Drugs and alcohol long damaged your body. Physical fitness and outdoor activities in rehab rebuild and heal your body. You also leave rehab looking and feeling much more powerful than you have in years. You gain self-confidence and personal strength for reaching your goals through this physical wellness.

Holistic Drug Treatment in Denver, Colorado

No treatment setting provides the holistic benefits and life balance of Denver, Colorado. Treatment at Denver Recovery also combines traditional and holistic methods. These methods provide the opportunity for complete wellness of your mind, body, and spirit. Through these methods, you gain strong and lasting recovery.

Intensive outpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs of Denver Recovery include:

If you or someone you love suffers addiction to drugs or alcohol, the complete recovery you seek is available at Denver Recovery. Call Denver Recovery now at 844-307-2955 for more information about available programs.