If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, you may wonder how you could afford a quality drug rehabilitation program. Fortunately, due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies must provide coverage for substance abuse treatment. However, not all policies are the same. The professionals at Denver Recovery Center can help you to determine what type of coverage you have and get you the highest amount of financial assistance possible. Read on to learn more about addiction rehab insurance coverage and what you might expect.

About Rehab Insurance Coverage

woman shakes hand with Rehab insurance coverage repThere are various stipulations among insurance coverages. While they can seem intimidating, our staff members are experts at understanding individual policies. Your insurance has to cover some portion of your drug rehabilitation services. Insurers recognize that addiction is a treatable disease and that it’s best to provide such treatment to their consumers to prevent long-term difficulties related to continued drug use.

Your exact options depend upon your specific rehab insurance coverage. If you have private insurance of any kind, there are likely to be a number of choices available to you. Insurance through your employer or paid out-of-pocket usually requires a deductible. However, comprehensive policies may cover a sizable portion of the cost of rehab. In fact, such policies often provide payment for an array of services. They may cover inpatient rehabilitation services, partial hospitalization programs, holistic treatment services or even a high-end luxury rehabilitation program.

Those with group insurance policies can also receive some type of benefits to assist with the costs of rehab. In 2008, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction equity act passed, requiring insurance providers to offer similar coverage for addiction rehab as that of other medical rehabilitation offerings. You can expect such policies to cover long-term treatment, outpatient support, residential treatment and more.

Finally, if you don’t have rehab insurance coverage, there are some public insurance programs that will help to cut down on your out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to addiction treatment. Also, some nonprofit organizations or public assistance agencies offer assistance for rehab.

Benefits of Professional Drug Rehab Services

You may think you can beat a drug problem on your own, and it can be incredibly difficult to ask for help. However, there are a number of advantages to seeking professional drug treatment services. Addiction is a medical condition that has a powerful hold on those dealing with it. Quality rehabilitation services like those at Denver Recovery can make beating addiction far less stressful and more successful than going it alone. If you have rehab insurance coverage, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Professional rehab centers can provide support. You’ll also have the support of other clients going through similar journeys. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on your treatment, away from the everyday stresses of life. Finally, professional drug rehab gives you various treatment options and the tools you’ll need to maintain your recovery over the course of your lifetime.

Why Choose Denver Recovery Center

Denver Recovery Center is a co-ed facility that offers a wide variety of drug rehabilitation services. We incorporate aspects of the 12-step program from a spiritual perspective. Our holistic approach focuses on your needs as a whole person.

A sampling of the services we offer include:

In addition, we offer an assortment of program options to meet your needs and will be expanding our options in the future.

Please give us a call at 844-307-2955 discuss the types of treatment available to fit your needs based on your rehab insurance coverage.