Adderall helps people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder focus and work productively. However, this powerful prescription stimulant works much like cocaine in people who don’t actually need it. College students and others needing to stay awake, alert, and focused abuse Adderall for its positive effects. They never expect to need Adderall addiction rehab.

Now you find yourself with an Adderall addiction. So what’s next? How do you find the right treatment? What does that treatment look like?

How did Adderall addiction happen?

man looking at Colorado skyline has adderall addiction problemYour Adderall addiction came on quickly. Maybe you just used the drug to feel alert and focused on your studies. Or maybe you needed a little “help” to function at work and perform your daily responsibilities. People justify using Adderall for a wide range of personal needs.

Now you’re wondering how you got to this place. Wondering if this is a good thing. You need to look at your life and decisions critically, to truly understand your addiction. In Adderall addiction treatment, you examine your past decisions and personal needs to understand how to free yourself from substance abuse.

Your present problem is an addiction. That addiction ends with the right help, starting in detox. Once detox is complete, you follow up with rehab. You can get through the symptoms of withdrawal and into the therapies you need for strong recovery.

You can also make better choices in your future, to keep yourself on a positive, productive path. In addition, you can rebuild damaged relationships and gain a brighter future. You just need Adderall addiction treatment in a rehab that understands your individual needs.

Do you really need Adderall addiction rehab?

Your prescription drug abuse might have started for a variety of reasons. You need to identify those reasons and learn to overcome them to prevent relapse on Adderall or other substances in the future. That learning and skill development takes place in a quality rehab program. Without rehab, you won’t have the skills you need to get through your triggers and temptations.

Look at the signs and symptoms of addiction to see if your Adderall use requires professional help. Signs and symptoms of this addiction include:

  • Needing more and more of the drug to feel its effects
  • Taking Adderall despite knowing it harms your life
  • Not being able to focus or complete work without the drug
  • Spending a lot of time and money getting your drug
  • Feeling sleepy or groggy without Adderall

Colorado Adderall Addiction Treatment for a Brighter Future

Getting the Adderall rehab help you need opens doors to a much brighter future. But what does treatment for this addiction include?

Adderall treatment includes a comprehensive rehab program. Rehab provides the skills, understanding, knowledge and support you need for strong, lasting recovery. You gain coping skills to keep you from giving in to triggers and temptations. You also fix the damage addiction caused in your life, starting with healing family relationships and your own self-esteem.

Therapy plays a big role in your recovery from addiction. This therapy helps you see why you started abusing drugs in the first place. You heal those root problems, whether they include depression, anxiety, trauma or other issues. Therapy also teaches you new ways of thinking and behaving, to prevent relapse.

Your better future begins at Denver Recovery in Denver, Colorado. At Denver Recovery, you gain freedom from your addiction while learning how to pave the way for a better life.

Programs of Denver Recovery treatment include:

If you or your loved one suffer Adderall addiction, the right treatment gives you hope for a better future. Call Denver Recovery now at 844-307-2955 for more information about available programs.